Donald Trump: I want to scrap all H1B visas

India on Saturday voiced concerns over talks of scrapping non-immigrant H1B visa for professionals by the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying such a move would impact export-led growth.

"My concern is that Donald trump in last debate, said H1B, whatever it is, I use it but I don't like it. I want to scrap all H1B. That's very worrying for export-led growth going forward," Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian said at the Advancing Asia Conference co-hosted by India and IMF.

"Megyn Kelly asked about highly-skilled immigration. The H-1B program is neither high-skilled nor immigration: these are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad, for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay. I remain totally committed to eliminating rampant, widespread H-1B abuse and ending outrageous practices such as those that occurred at Disney in Florida when Americans were forced to train their foreign replacements. I will end forever the use of the H-1B as a cheap labor program, and institute an absolute requirement to hire American workers first for every visa and immigration program. No exceptions."

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That would be fantastic!! A huge step in the right direction!

I have nothing against Indian people but WE need the jobs and we really need to clean this immigration mess and that is happening from these visas too. I bet we have many times more employed here on visas(from India) than your country does for Americans.

Towel heads will towel in fear!

Donald Trump must be given 8 years term

You do need them - for sure - but, alas, most of you are not even partially intelligent and qualified for them, namean !


With only 310 million people in USA there should not be unemployment

I don't know why they're worried, it only trumps fourth or fifth different position on the issue, he'll change again once he's elected


I have had plenty of these Indian H1B kids working for me. They come over degreed with their company at around $125/wk plus travel expense. They are very polite, which I like, but from a technical standpoint they are way below the standard. It's cultural, even though they are for India middle class, to Americans they lived like coddled little rich boys. None grew up on a farm where did and mom did everything and I mean everything including all the trades. Nor did they see suburban dad swinging a hammer or turning a wrench. Or gte together with their buds and then start doing and tinkering on their own. American kids that are lower middle class and working in technology with have a hands on experience they you will never get out of a text book. Every Indian that I have ever worked with act like beginners and children. They never achieve a higher level because they have no expeience of reality as children. To many of them everything seems like magic. OTOH I have worked with Ethiopians and Sudanese that were quite capable. Cultual again since they didn’t have the Indian experience. Nigerians are arrogant naggers that get pissed off when called out for shit work and disappear, see ya! Many Vietnamese are not trust worthy and will behave like backstabbers if it suits there needs. I think that’s a fear response. Whites run the gamut. At least with whites you can judge them on their merits.


20 million Americans must be working in other countries.


If American tech workers do not work on computer programming jobs for 10 to 15 years, how will they gain real-life experience and innovation knowledge of the computer and technology field.


With 94 million Americans out of work and millions of H1B 3rd world wage earned here I doubt it. The plan is to force Americans to make the same what Indians make. Until then they will remain unemployed. Global shit wages. No one that gets a paycheck will prosper.


India 1.3 Billion people! I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that H1B visas' are not the problem; nor can the US solve what India cannot seem to do for themselves. India is a shit hole for many reasons, but one glaring issue is the same issue we see in Africa, which boasts a population of 1.2 Billion with an expected boom between 2030 - 2050.


This person needs a course in economics. If you can't attract talent or low skilled workers, you up the compensation until you do. Not go shovel boat loads of money to politicians to get around the market forces. I have noticed the ones against Free Market Capitalism the most is Big Business themselves

Indian is too big for it's britches. He uses it to bring Chinese in. He admits doing this for business even knowing it is wrong. What will he do to this country knowing something might be wrong?


its exactly right. its how he WORDS it. "we have 50 jobs that pay 1 bag of peanuts a day and produce a product worth $2000" "we can't fill those jobs". "therefore we need to govt ot provide visas to make it possible"


Trump has shaken India pretty badly. I think American food giants such as Coca Cola, Dominoes pizza etc are heavily taxed in India


My husband works in an oil related field, big company.He and his foreman looked around one day recently and realized that they are the only Americans there. All of the others are H1B visa types from Mexico. It's disgusting. Yea Trump. I am all for scrapping this theft of American jobs and income.

The 'Well we can't find trained people in our own country!' excuse is typical corporate doublespeak. In the past - when corporations/companies engaged in RESPONSIBLE capitalism - they would hire young people and teach them what they needed to know to become employed - it was called APPRENTICESHIPS.  However companies realised that if they relied on SOMEONE ELSE to train potential employees, they would not have to burden the cost, especially if that employee decided to seek employment elsewhere. This - combined with government subsidy withdrawal - and 'global trade' (i.e. hiring slave labour from overseas) - is partially to blame for the cluster fuck the economy is in. I sympathise with your views however - the state of the economy and extreme competition means one has to either engage in practices that keep you in business - regardless of any moral dilemma or cost to others - or lose the business entirely.

My husband and whole lot of white people we know are working for $50,000 if they work overtime to get it. And trust me, we and they are very happy for the pay. So, tell us all about it when you have more experience.

This proves Trump doesn't know what he is talking about. This beautiful country has the brightest minds of the world, 50% of all funded research top head professors are foreigners. With our schools success rates, I can guarantee you we will be the dumbest people on earth if we do not snatch up the brains from overseas, another country will


Here's the facts: It requires our company about $10K in legal fees to process an application for an H1B all the way through, IF we get one. And they are not easy to get with only 65,000 of them booked a year in advance - most of those go to large corporations who use firms to block request huge numbers of applications. You have to prove that you are unable to find locally sourced staff by providing evidence that you tried to hire, such as showing advertisements, recruiter responses, results of interviews, etc. After that, you have to pay the H1B staff the median salary range for the job. This has to be substantiated by the employer and then approved by the Department of Labor. No, "slave wages" will not be approved. We then have to provide moving expenses and temporary accomodation once they arrive. So in the end, it does not save us any money. It costs more than hiring locally. But what it does do is fill critical staffing requirements with experienced and degreed people that we could not find locally.

You don't shoot down a Russian war plane and defend your actions. I think Trump has invested $1 billion in other countries (big hotels)

A little late no, it isnt a typo.

They get liek 400 bucks a week for living expenses here and that a big draw. 4 get together and rent a cheap one bedroom aprtment for like 400 per month. They save as much as possible and go back to india after a few years and can live like kings after saving 20,000 dollars or so.

Thats americas future if the globalists get there way.

Plus all the workers he imports and all his clothes are made in Mexico and China. He's a total hypocrite.

Total bullshit. We would have zero problem filling jobs. Its a cost savings when it comes to 3rd world wages.Ive worked with smaller companies that do it too. Its all over the place. I think its called H1B-ext when a company brings a pile of its people over to work on a job. American manufacturing was shut down by Clinton. They dont do those things anymore. As for hypocrit, fuck off. He wants to do America right. I could care less if he hasnt been a saint.

fuck you, if our kids were taught tibe intelligent they would be. that will change too. we dont need foreigners or you and your oy vey tribe

Yeah, no. I work in manufacturing. You have no idea what you are talking about. He'll a company from Spain is opening a new factory here and is hiring 400 more workers. Donald Trump puts money above people.

Say goodbye to H1B. Fixing the abuse is long overdue.

lol my employer is so fucked

Those H1B visas tossed thousands of American computer engineers and programmers out of work, that was just one industry that impoverished American talent and American skilled labor.Namean: Our industries designed and created the silicon revolution; we programmed and built the computers. Then Clinton ensured the destruction of our job market with H1B visas. americans need these jobs, as of yesterday. How dare you insult american intelligence and ability while picking over our job market. Create your own silicon valley wherever you came from. Your insult rankles. Not most but all H1B visas IT guys can't think out of the box. The desire of low labor rate etc is actually fixing itself, but it should be stopped.

These 3rd world countries getting rich off their own exports to USA should be rightfully pissed off. They are bending us over and F'ing us in the A! Exporting nations have a far greater advantage financially than importing nations as they can control a greater portion of the transaction, from production, through transport. And the $$ made stays in their own countries workforce. Trump is warning these fucks the party's over..better start paying up some tariffs or Americans will start building this shit again.

Exactly. Have you heard how they talk about us? Seriously. Here on GLP just watch the flags. The whole world is a giant whiny bitch. They have no idea how much America has done for them. It's disgusting and it's time they learn what life would be like without us.

He changed yet again. Jesus how can you trust anything that goof ball is about global equalization and making everyone the same slave.

Hopefully he forces all American companies to bring their outsourced jobs back to the US. And leave you fuckers without jobs and money. No more shit-eating accents when calling tech support.

Never gonna happen.

They may get paid 2 cents an hour, but a loaf of bread costs them 5 cents. So in order for that to happen, either everything they have will have to go up in price (never gonna happen because no one will buy anything) and their wages will go up, or things will have to get a lot cheaper in western country (and not gonna happen, profit margins are too high, they'll never drop the prices).

The US constituency has no voice and no choice as to what India sends into our nation, but we are supposed to either find or make a home for the Indian National. Worse, is that when the Indian receives Western education and expertise, they DO NOT take it back to India to improve conditions there.

Trump is not the cause of the issues in India; but a symptom.


Not too many people care for China, in general; but at least they have capped their population growth in check.The US constituent has far more to lose when a China, an India or an Africa needs a bigger place to house the mouths that they may or may not be able to feed.


There's plenty of smart white people, but they won't work for $75,000/year. You are the slaves who will adult work for beggar's pay. Those jobs can and will pay more - just to a white person.


They work for %7,500 a year, not $75,000 a year and that's the problem. Oh yeah when they get here they get an extra $20,000 or $30,000 for travel expense, depending the town but, they get together and rent four people to a one bedroom apartment as cheaply as possible.

A huge issue besides not paying an American and stashing extra profits is funding the US government. What that Indian gets paid would normally be funds going towards Social security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The few Americans left working are burdened with paying for all that, all while the available trust funds dry up.

In every way H1B has nothing to do with making America better. It's really a giant profit loophole combined with destroying America by impoverishing the American people, Federal governments and State governments.

Eventually everything will be reduced in price to nothing because no one will be able to afford anything here. Real Estate gone and collapsed. Same for businesses.

All of America will be 3rd world.

Fuck John Kasich, he says he's all for this. He's all for H1B and TPP Trans Pacific Partnership.

H1B visas must be for all the countries.

here are no reliable figures on how many Americans live abroad, but a State Department estimate suggests that the number may be between 3 million and 6 million.[43] Other sources estimate that there are over 8.7 million non-military U.S. citizens living abroad,[44] an increase from the 4 million estimated in 1999.[45] However, these numbers are highly open to dispute as they often are unverified and can change rapidly.[46]

[link to (secure)]


Heck! However long it takes him to clean up this mess. Give him a Strom Thurmond term.


For the love of Christ, Trump DIDN'T SAY THAT. He's not against the H1B necessarily, just that the program is being incorrectly (and illegally) used and needs to be reviewed. Trump has expressed a real concern that young students come here to go to the big colleges, do well and then have to go home - he thinks it's a brain drain. I think it's a GOOD THING because then they can go home and FIX THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

I'm sick of people LYING about Trump! Even when I disagree with him!


While I am fully onboard with Trump about doing something to fix immigration and illegal immigrants, the idea of scrapping all H1Bs is just plain short-sighted and stupid.

My company does high-end, vertical solutions that includes hardware and software at three offices in the US. About 60% of our sales are offshore. We often find that no matter how hard we try, how much we advertise or how many recruiters we retain, we cannot find candidates with the right skill set who are willing to work at our industry standard compensation level. That is where we have used H1Bs.

This is not about low-balling salaries and hiring immigrants for 10 bucks an hour. Keep in mind that we must pay any H1B staff the industry standard salary, and this must be submitted and approved by the Labor Department before we get the visa. They are taxed the same as everyone else, and they pay into Social Security. That is sort of a bonus, because while they have to pay in, they will likely never get anything out since SS requires paying in for at least ten years to get benefits, which almost never happens with H1Bs. Even if they do, SS does not pay non-citizen permanent residents unless they are living legally in the US.

Now let's just say that next year, there are no H1B visas.

- Our sales will go down as we would have inadequate engineering staff to do client configurations on-site. This includes 65% of our sales that are exports.

- Our R&D budget would have to be slashed because we have fewer staff to do that or grow our business.

- Of course with lower net revenue, we will pay less in Federal corporate income tax.

- Rather than do in-house code and engineering in the USA, we would move part of our work to a country where we can find qualified staff, such as India. Yes, that is indeed exporting American jobs and I loathe the thought, but we have to grow our business and without H1Bs and enough staff, what other option is there?

Our board has made a firm vision statement about keeping our work in the USA and "making it in USA". All I can say is that if Trump really does cancel the H1B program, that will have to change. Sadly, America loses.

ever call a phone company ? it goes to India or South America

If India is worried then Donald is our man.

That is also bullshit. Anyone working on an H1B is required to be paid an industry standard wage.

To demonstrate you will be paid the appropriate wage, you must submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA) for your position, certified by the Secretary of Labor, which states, in part:

The employer is offering and will offer during the period of authorized employment to aliens admitted or provided status as an H-1B non-immigrant wages that are at least the actual wage level paid by the employer to all other individuals with similar experience and qualifications for the specific employment in question, or the prevailing wage level for the occupational classification in the area of employment, whichever is greater, based on the best information available as of the time of filing the application.

This must be supported by documentation and from my experience, Labor os very strict about this. You must have their approval before you get an H1B.


OK, so what would you propose as a solution?

You moron of course we are. We are the best people in the world.


Then pay more. Essentially, you want visas because you don't want to pay more to retain decent workers.

Either your "industry standard" is bullshit insulting pay or your benefits are crap or your corporate attitude is demeaning.

Plenty of people out there, you just don't want to pay them.


If you can't find STEM people at industry standard wages, then that figure isn't actually the industry standard. It's supply and demand.

Or there is some other failing in the offer. There are loads of STEM workers who are available for work.

top dreaming. That is exactly what he said. From last week:

CORAL GABLES, Fla- GOP front runner Donald Trump said the H1-B Visa program that allows U.S. employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations for a period of time should be ended.

So, trump is going to close his businesses?

If he doesn't have workers to import and he stop trade with China and Mexico he can't make his clothes.

Trump is such a douche.

Oh sure...we could find five year experience (our standard entry level) engineers will to come in at $250K. Our costs double, someone in China reverse engineers our stuff and starts selling it, our sales go away, and we are out of business.

I hope he starts in our hospitals.

Not only is it alarming to have so many people on H1B working in such important jobs - and you have such difficulty understanding them.

But we have so many qualified, talented, and trained American nurses and technicians that can't even get a foot in the door because hospitals hire H1B to save money. Again pushing Americans to the sidelines.

This doesn't concern his clothing business. It's already all made in China, Bangladesh, Mexico, etc. You don't need H1Bs for that.

The Silicon Valley uber liberal progressives should flock to trump in droves with this news.

In 2-3 years from now american IT workers will be a thing of the past as every technology metro area has been over-run by Indian slave labor

He talks about tariffs that would destroy his clothing company also.


I don't know any 5 year engineers making $250k. If you are paying that, you are probably in California. So move.

And how is China reverse engineering your shit the fault of the American workers you aren't hiring? I think it's a hell of a lot more likely you will lose your "secrets" to the Indians.

I would prefer our idiotic NWO government fund nursing programs more fully. Where I live, there is only a small number of spots for a lot of applicants.

You are just shilltastic.

People like you will end up against the wall. Americans are tired of assholes like you making excuses.

No, we do not pay $250K either. The point was made that is we raise our salaries, we would find adequate qualified engineers and yes, they would come over for $250K. We pay closer to $125K for the right skill sets, and there is a real shortage for that. Even headhunters can't come up with anything. So that is why we use H1Bs (when we can get one) to keep our work in the USA.

You can't even keep up with what I'm saying. You are all over the place here.

You have the wrong headhunters, you're an idiot, or you're a shill. Sorry.

OK, so come up with a budget to build 100 new nursing schools to fill the projected 260,000 shortage, and it maybe 10 - 15 years those schools will be graduating RNs. What do we do before that time and how do we pay for it?

We don't need new schools. We need expansion of the programs already in them.

You're clearly not a very bright or creative thinker. I'm done here.

What is his position on H1N1 swine flu visa.


Exactly. Cut H1Bs to support professional staff in the USA and this will only cripple those shops and cause more companies to shift operations overseas.

I know, because our company can't even get H1Bs as there are already very few of them and they are snapped up by big businesses before SMEs like us can even have a chance at even one.

For 2016, there were 85,000 skilled H1Bs allowed. Applications for those filled up and were cut off in April 2015!

Sorry, typo. That was 65,000 H1Bs, of which the first 20,000 are reserved for advanced degree holders.

Fuck the helpdesk, we're making America great again!

H1B visas must be for all the countries. Why is India shaken ?


The "IMF"... Pffffttt...


Sounds legit to me. I worked at a company who outsourced most of our tech work to Indians. The work was not quality. You get what you pay for. The final straw is when one of the guys hosed part of our database data and swept it under the rug like nothing ever happened. The company found out like 4 weeks later and terminated the contract with the Indians.

good fuck india we dont want no filth and rapers here


How can he pay way more than the industry standard and remain competitive?

You should have said "if you can't get American engineers at competitive rates, just hire a shop in India to do your coding".

That's what will happen if H1Bs are eliminated.


I hope all the racist dumb sand negros are pissing themselves. I really do. You fuckers never can answer a technical question. Dumber than 2 turds and 1 fly.

Re: Trump: I want to scrap all H1B visas
How can he pay way more than the industry standard and remain competitive?

You should have said "if you can't get American engineers at competitive rates, just hire a shop in India to do your coding".

That's what will happen if H1Bs are eliminated.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71005923

How can Americans live on peanut pay? Eliminate H1Bs and tax companies that manufacture and hire out of the US. Now you can't afford not to pay more ... see how that works?

We will be great again

We shall see.Let it ride friends.

$125 a week?? Is that a typo? That's about $3 an hour.

Cheap slaves!

You can find a ton of American it workers to write code. You can pay the indians to do it for 60% of the cost and the government kickbacks!

A lot of tech companies who can't find a worker without h1b is full of sheet.

You can find people to write java, sql, c#, the list goes on in any town in america. The junior colleges would spit out tons if there were enough jobs. There's a lot more h1bs than anyone has stated.


India has 1 Billion plus people and even with all that demand their housing and rental prices are a fraction of ours.

Now what happens when wage equalization happens in this country due to globalization?

We will be worse than India

Banking and Corporate Lobbyists want the highest prices here at home at the lowest costs abroad and they own the politicians to make it happen

in other words, you can't compete without magic h1b visas.

too bad.

My friend works at Amazonn, they just got a new boss. 24 year old chinese guy with brand-new degree.. Talks anout hookers and getting drunk to everyone, says he does not need to listen to managers as he will shoot them. Nutso, in other words. None of our friends who have worked there since it opened are able to do this guy's job, I suppose.(sarc)

Apple executive shot dead by police

A 38-year-old Apple executive died after policemen allegedly opened fire at him when he refused to stop his car at a checkpoint in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow in the wee hours of Saturday.Constable Prashant, however, said he opened fire at the deceased in self-defence.According to the police, the incident took place at around 01:30 am when Vivek Tiwari was travelling in his car along with his colleague, Sana Khan. Sana told police their car was stationed at Gomti Nagar extension area when they saw two police constables approaching. In a bid to avoid them, the duo tried to escape.

Sana added that she suddenly heard a gunshot, following which the car rammed into a wall. She saw Vivek bleeding profusely and rushed him to the hospital with the help of locals. Vivek was declared brought dead by a doctor.

Hillary Clinton will bring war to India

As US President, Hillary Clinton will continue with foreign policies of Obama admin and block China's advances in South China sea.

This can make China move towards India. When India refuses to join international wars, I think India will alone have to face their wars. Democrats have started more wars than Republicans.

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