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Donald Trump: "You won't see another black president for generations" because Obama was so bad


Twitter will dare delete Trump's post or delete Trump's account ? If true, Donald Trump has said something about U.S President position. Let's see how Twitter deals with Trump if he becomes U.S President.

Forum members:

90% blacks had voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  Blacks must develop Africa. USA is highly developed.

When President Obama said that he has been to “57 States,” very little mention in Fake News Media. Can you imagine if I said that...story of the year!

Barack Obama was President of United States of Africa [USA]

Shooting down Russian war jet killing 2 Russians is not OK.

That was from one of his tweets. He did start it off by saying "Sadly,..." You have to remember this man is not afraid of speaking his mind in a world that has been trained not to. He doesn't care in the least about being politically correct. In fact, he despises it.

He really does speak his mind... I can't say that I don't agree with some of his political agendas but damn this guy is simply too stupid to be a president. And while I'm sure that Obama got some votes because he is black, I don't think your skin color is what defines how you run a country. And now that I think of it, I'm sure he also lost some votes because he is black.

Donald Trump is such a negative person.

Oh my. He acts like he doesn't know what really happens there. He wanted to say that Obama was not a good Pawn. Who believes in a fairy tale that America is ruled or governed by a president that is either a liar or stupid. Now Trump is going to be much better  Come on.

If we have to be honest, racism in America is getting worse. So while Trump certainly is right, there'll be no black president in the U.S for a while considering the fact that whites will be a minority by 2050 from then on whites might find it real hard to get elected as president if race is all that counts when it comes to electing presidents.

I don't doubt he believes his statement. I do however think that he underestimates the intelligence of the general public. Just because Obama may have a tarnished legacy in the eyes of many people doesn't discredit the chances of another black candidate from making the grade. People will vote another black man as president if they feel his is qualified for the job. I'm sure there will be another one soon. The only reason I can see his statement holding up is the fact that demographically there are more white candidates for president creating more chances for the choice to be white.

He is just ignorant and likes all the attention that he is getting. He doesn't care what he says. He is just rude and thinks that he is better then everybody else.

So Donald Trump makes another headline grabbing comment to try and upset another part of the American population. He seems to be getting good at getting attention, anybody would think he's running for president or something!I know the term is that there's no such thing as bad publicity, but this guy's taking it to an whole new level.

No one can predict the future and is he basing is comment on ability or color? Look, Richard Nixon was bad, the worst and you still have white Presidents.I see it as a baseless attack as Trump doesn't really have any data or basis for such an empty remark. In fact they are amusing in some ways because they have no evidence to back it up. Can his data really predict what will happen in 100 years time?

Ban Mulims. Ban all migrants from USA ?

Qatar wants to buy 4300  used military trucks from USA. Airbus is expecting $70 billion plane deal from United Aran Emirates.Certain % of Blacks and Mexicans in USA commit more serious crime than Muslims. Migrants are held responsible for job losses in USA and Europe. Donald Trump wants to ban Muslims from USA when Arab and Muslim countries are the biggest buyers for American economy.

Trump has pushed Obama into the basement.

With his aggressive statements, Donald Trump has brought world's attention to US elections 2016. Worldwide people are looking forward to a new U.S president. WWE wrestler "Big Show" once said to 'CM Punk' "when you retire, some other wrestler will occupy the minds of people"
. A Russian war jet has never been shot down (till 2015) when U.S and Russian war machines are operating in the same war zone of Syria. Former Indian President 'Abdul Kalaam" was frisked searched at U.S airports. 2 years back, George Bush made a quiet 'enter and exit' from India. He was invited for some meeting. Barack Obama will be forgotten by 2018.
Now Big Show says in the WWE ring "I can hear the whisper & talks about my retirement. You want me to retire ? Find me someone who can retire me"

Donald Trump is entertainer for US election 2016

I think Donald Trump is just providing entertainment for US election 2016. At 70 years old, Trump will not be able to carry the weight of US Presidency. Donald Trump is the Santa Claus for US elections 2016. In 2009, Barack Obama looked young. Now Obama is an old man. Hillary Clinton is a grandmother who is eyeing US Presidency. Donald Trump had 3 wives. His sons have killed wild animals in Africa.

$1 for 8 meals

Eastern Texas food bank gives 8 meals for $1. Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ron Paul and George Bush are from Texas. Donald Trump will have to do better to get U.S Presidency 2016.  Give a thought to Rand Paul 2016

Froum members:

Food banks give out free food as long as you qualify (as in your are a resident). I've never heard of people paying money to a food bank, people do donate to them instead. My ex-landlady qualified and she brought back a weeks worth of groceries for free.

$1 must be going to these food banks.

I have never heard of people having to pay for food at the food bank before. Even if it is only $1, to a person who has no money sometimes they don't even have that dollar. Even if the money was going to the food bank, you wouldn't think $1 would add up to a whole lot. Food banks rely on donations from individuals and businesses.

Yes, to my knowledge food banks never charge for food. Mac and cheese is another meal that is very cheap. You can probably make at least 10 meals from those 35 cent boxes of mac and cheese you can find at Dollar General...and the homemade variety with real cheese is not expensive either. Hot dogs etc..there are lots of cheap foods.

American companies will not invest $4 Trillion till Obama leaves office.


Twitter and Facebook have become a threat to national security since they are helping terrorists and criminals.

GWU Study: ISIS Sympathizers in U.S. Prefer Twitter Among Social Media ISIS Sympathizers in U.S. Prefer Twitter Among Social Media

Islamic State is renowned for its ability to mobilize followers via social media like Twitter, but the group is also attracting clusters of American followers who meet in person and push one another toward violence, experts and law-enforcement officials say.

How the Internet helped Islamic State snag terror recruits in India

Members of the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) say the youngster was introduced to the world of terror when his father Nizamuddin Ali, a lekhpal in the district revenue department, got him a mobile phone and a laptop. Like any person of his age would do, he gained access to social networking sites and apps – including Facebook and WhatsApp – and began scouting around the world wide web for things he found interesting. Unfortunately for Rizwan, these included jihadi literature and videos posted on social networking sites.When Rizwan expressed his willingness, the handler entrusted him with the task of roping in likeminded youth for jihad – a ‘holy duty’ that included asking people on his Facebook friends’ list to become soldiers in the army of self-declared caliph Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi.

You can speak to your friends and family members by phone or emails. Social media will be used for criminal activies since a message posted on social media site such as facebook or twitter will be read by 10,000 to 10 million people in many countries. I fail to understand the purpose of social media on the internet. If you have any problems, you can speak to people near you such as school, college, friends, office workers etc.. Why do you want to speak to somebody who is 2000 to 5000 miles away ?

Rapists use Facebook, twitter, instagram for victims ?

Forum member:

My rapist just showed up after getting out of jail. I was at a bar watching my friends at this super big gig and he just walked in with a mutual friend hahaha i just got home and am a ******** mess. talk to me about s**t idk i just wanna ******** leave this town i never want to see him again. i'm deleting all my social media because i'm really scared he's going to find me he used to watch my house and i'm just so scared.

$40,000/month but $0 for moderator

Around 2 years back, I had calculated that owner of 'elitetrader forum' would earn $40,000/month from his forum but he would pay $0 to some of his moderators. I would speak to a moderator there. He was allowed to post his economics website link in the forum.One day, the FBI agents reached elitetrader's office because one of the senior moderator who got paid well was involved in child pornography.

Who started newspaper business ?

During July 2015, The news reader of BBC news was completely shocked in front of the camera when some 15 newspapers were put on the table in front of her. She did not look at even a single newspaper and continued with her program.

ISIS has 120,000 fighters

Just when Obama said "ISIS has been contained", reports say ISIS has 60,000 fighters in Syria, 20,000 in Iraq and 40,000 in other parts of the world. Facebook and Twitter are helping ISIS/IS spread their messages and get new recruits. Media/journalists will not go into Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Libya and Asia.

Facebook makes your porn browsing history public

Your online pornography browsing history could be made public because of your Facebook account.

Read more:

Facebook and google is a trap for internet users


"Do not track" request is enabled in my chrome browser.

I have Kaspersky anti-virus link on my website and yesterday to check the links I clicked them. Today when I am on other websites I am getting google adsense/ads for Kaspersky.

People who click on Kaspersky from my website and they may buy later, they can click on google ads when they see them on other websites.

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