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35 fighter jets fly at mountain level or 1000 feet high during war drills


4000 war planes 8000 battle tanks 5000 military mine protected trucks tourist spot

Some 4000 unused war planes are parked in Arizona desert of USA. These planes are F-16s, C- 1 Hercules and such type planes which are still in demand with military of other countries. If this 'huge plane parking lot' is converted into tourist spot, U.S military will earn money from the sales of tickets/tourism ?

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8,000 battle tanks, 5,000 militray trucks


60 F-16s lined up on runway


20 F-18s hornets lined up on runway


1000 missiles fired on fastest plane

1,000 missiles were fired in an attempt to take down SR-71 Blackbird over the course of the plane’s service

12 SR-71’s were lost and one pilot died during the aircraft’s service career.

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$80 million for F-16 jet

I think 5 years back a F-16 jet was sold by US government for $40 million. Now US government is selling each F-16 for $80 million.

U.S military has 8000 used Abrams battle tanks, more than 5000 used mine protected trucks, some 15,000 armoured vehicles parked in deserts of USA. If these U.S military hardware are parked at a single location in a vast desert of USA and this place is converted into tourist spot,  U.S military can earn money multi-million dollars from their own tourism business.


Africa has wildlife for tourism. USA has spectacular war machines for tourism and sale. Pakistan will buy F-16s parked in Arizona desert.

Old war machines must also be put up for sale. Qatar wants to buy 4300 used mine protected trucks form USA.

If melted 8000 battle tanks will give 500,000 tonnes of steel which is enough to build two 100 storey buildings.

People who say U.S wars are responsible for U.S debts, then U.S war machines will bring multi-bilion dollars and jobs for U.S economy.

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