In 2005, silver was $7.32/ounce.

From 2005 to 2009, silver price went up average $2.5/per year. In 2009, silver was $15/ounce. Going by this, silver should have been $36/ounce today.  120 cruise missiles were fired into Libya and Silver went upto $36/ounce in 2011. Since Libya war, Syria and Iraq have become war zones. Middle-east countries have entered wars.  So today Silver should be $50/ounce or $60/ounce, if you look at the world situations.

I think their is blind selling from 2006 investors because of financial advisors so silver has lost all its gains.In 2008, Gold was $600/ounce, so gold is still profitable from 2008.

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If only silver were as reliable as inflation.

The only thing I agree with is that silver should be $50 an ounce, however I don't agree with your reasoning or your timeline. You picked a very short specific period as to starting the clock at $2.50 per year. Starting the clock at 2009 when silver has lived a life of thousands of years is a bit short sighted. Why not start around 700BC when it's been said that silver first started appearing in coins?

10 years, is not short period when terror group ISIS claims to have nuclear weapon and Russian S-400 missiles are tracking US fighter jets in Syria after Russian SU-24 jet was shot down killing 2 Russians. Iran nuclear deal was signed by obama admin in 2015.

Silver crash will get tagged to Obama's presidency

In 2009, silver price was $15/ounce and it went up to $36/ounce in 2011.

By end of 2016, silver price may touch $10/ounce.  Silver will lose 8 years of profits. Decisions made by most powerful government reflects the price of Gold and silver. If silver closes below $15/ounce and Gold closes below $800/ounce by end of 2016, then Obama must be held accountable for losses suffered by worldwide people. Investors will lose 15 years of profits if Gold goes below $500/ounce by 2018.
I think Silver will reach $50/ounce (if it will) in 2023. 2009 investors must calculate their profits.

Gasoline $1.50/gallon and U.S elections

Did they bring down crude oil price to $35/barrel and gasoline price to $1.50/gallon for U.S elections 2016.  I mean, so that democrats can brag about something. But gold and silver price will screw democrats regime 2008 - 2016. Rich people have gold. Silver is poor man's gold.

Crude oil $25/barrel and Muslim military

Qatar wants to buy 4300 used mine protected trucks from U.S military. Now saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab/Muslim countries have a formidable air foce with advanced fighter jets purchased from USA, Europe and Russia.

USA, Europe and Russia are getting multi-billion dollar military deals from Arab countries. Coalition of Islamic countries have sent 90,000 soldiers to fight ISIS and iSIL. 34 Muslim countries have joined forces to fight terrorism.

So now there is less chance that Saddam 2 will take over oil rich countries by military strength. Crude oil price have fallen to $35/barrel since oil reserves in Arab and Muslim countries are secured by the military ?

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