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Male pilot slapped female pilot in cockpit in flight

Jet Airways has fired two pilots who allegedly fought inside the cockpit of a London-Mumbai flight last week.The private Indian airline said in a statement that it had "terminated services of both the cockpit crew with immediate effect".The pilots involved - a man and a woman - were taken off flight duties pending an investigation.The alleged fight occurred mid-air on 1 January. The flight carrying 324 passengers landed safely in Mumbai. According to Indian media reports which quoted witnesses, the incident occurred after the male pilot allegedly slapped the female pilot.The woman left the cockpit in tears, but colleagues eventually persuaded her to go back, reports said.

Fire catches Boeing 747 plane taking off at runway

During the end of the blockbuster hollywood movie "Die Hard 2" they showed the Boeing 747 flown by terrorists was leaking fuel since the fuel tank lid was removed by the hero when the Jumbo plane started speeding for takeoff at the airport. Then he set the trail of fuel on fire. The plane exploded since the fire reached its fuel tank on take off.

I think 320 kmph is the take off speed of Boeing 747 jumbo plane. Do you think fire will travel at 320 kmph and reach the plane ??

Movie video:

Jet blast from Boeing 747 has thrown school bus 150 feet away.



Do you think any fire will survive or come near a Boeing 747 when the jet blast is 40% to 50% of its power ??

HOLLYWOOD IS GIANT SCAM. Those idiot movie directors and producers have earned $50 million to $100 million from such blockbuster movies.

98% of the hollywood movies and other movies have such nonsense and fantasy world. No super-hero (superman, spiderman etc..) arrived to save USA during 9/11 terrorists attacks when 3 large planes were crashed into 3 giant building in United States of America.

3000 kilometers of "fuel pipeline" for UK airports

I was watching TV (BBC Earth) and they said, there is 3000 kilometers of underground pipelines that supplies fuel to UK airports. That equates to some 20,000 fuel tankers that would have been required to bring fuel to UK airports. The fuel is directly filled into airplanes tanks from underground pipeline outlets at UK airports.

Some 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 fuel tankers/trucks will be removed from the roads and highways worldwide if all the airports in all the countries have undergorund pipelines that will supply fuel directly into planes fuel tanks on the airports. Millions of gallons of fuel will be saved, used by fuel trucks. Pollution will come down in big way. No need for electric cars and vehicles. Fuel flowing underground will make roads and highways very safe from truck accidents since there will be 3 million less trucks.

Recently there has been drone scare at UK airports where some criminals threatened to attack planes with drones

You can shoot down drones with AK-47s and Barrett the 2.5 kilometer range sniper long rifle. Anti-aircraft guns will smash drones kilometers away. Look how Libya's Haftar's forces have easily acquired 1000's of Toyota jeeps with anti-aircraft guns. But people who are using drones near airports must be in jail for 10 years.

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