75 million people in PTC industry

Did you know biggest tax breaks go to home based business owners in America.

I am free member of 6,000,000 members strong Paid to click (PTC) website http://www.clixsense.com which has been paying all its members since year 2007.. There are hundreds of PTC websites on the internet that pay their members. So I think 50 million to 75 million people must be earning money from PTC websites. PTC have worldwide members. They get paid 1 cent to 2 cents for watching advertisers websites etc..

Advertisers pay 1 cent or 2 cents to PTC members and they want people to buy their products and services costing $50 to $100 or more. Don't you think advertisers are misers who think of their 20% profit/year only.

The PTC website I am member of  http://www.clixsense.com,  sends paid surveys, paid tasks/jobs, paid shopping, offers, paid to click advertisements and other works to their members.

http://www.easyhits4u.com  is also a reputed traffic exchange with 1,100,000 members since 2003. It has 1:1 surf ratio and 2:1 surf ratio. With 1:1 ratio you will get 1 visitor back to your website for 1 site you surf. Free registration. 1:1 surf ratio means Surf/See 1 site and get 1 visitor back to your website.

I think clixsense members are not responsive to advertisers. I have purchased $1000 ads with clixgrid but not a single sale for my website till now. If I am able to sell my website domain name for more than $10,000 than I will say 'Clixgrid was helpful to me'

When I advertised my website on clixgrid, I knew members may not be spenders. But when they have money, they may consider my website. I am saying 1 to 5 sales will make me happy.

all advertisers are not born with silver spoon in their mouth. I have written that Coca cola, pepsi etc must buy ads with clixsense since members are worldwide. Silver spoon advertisers go for TV ads, newspapers etc..

Woman with 4 children and Donald Trump

Today I read the profile of woman who has 4 children and she has celebral paralysis. She is member of number #1 traffic exchange site. She has posted that she is trying to earn money for home.

PTC industry has some 75 million people worldwide put members click on 1 cent advertisements.

With traffic exchange sites the best is, surf one site, get one visitor back to your website and 30 cents per 1000 sites surfed. There are bonuses also for surfing more than 200 sites/daily.

Donald Trump talks big about jobs so Trump must look into PTC industry.

HYIP forum ad rates are $17/day but PTC website with 6,000,000 members has ad rates of $20/month. This PTC viewership is 100 times more than the HYIP forum.

Captcha solvers/data entry get $2 to $5 daily at the rate of 70 cents to $1.50 per 1000 captchas.


If you look at Paid to click (PTC) websites, you will see pictures of many beautiful women/girls. PTC wesbites pay members to see their advertiser's websites. Miss universe and Miss World events fool people for big money. Many drug dealers are involved with beauty contests. Donald Trump is associated with Miss universe organisation.

Since I have been with PTC websites for past 4 years, I have seen many scam PTC sites which have beautiful women/girls pictures on their homepage.

Donald Trump should give importance to PTC websites since PTC industry supports millions of jobs.

$1 survey for multi-billion dollars companies

I got a $1 survey where they were asking questions about Colgate, Twitter, Tata salt etc..These are multi-billion companies but they pay $1 for 10 minutes to 15 minutes survey. I close down the survey mid-way since there were too many questions.

Tata Power has increased electricity rates by 80% but they want people to work for 10 cents. Questions were asked about some 10 big companies.

1672 sites surfed in one day

On January 14, 2016, I had surfed 1672 sites with  http://www.easyhits4u.com

25% of the sites shown there must be scams. bing.com was advertised there. Hundreds of Bitcoin supported sites were there. International police (interpol) must look into PTC industry.

http://www.easyhits4u.com is a traffic exchange.  Surf 1 site. Get 1 visitor back to your website.

Better than video games.

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