Trump becoming president unlikely: PTC source

My email to PTC admin:

Donald Trump said something that he does not want foreigners with contracts to earn online in US Dollars. So he will put 30% fee for payments in US dollars to foreigners. Is this for data entry type work only or it will be for PTC industry also. 


I would not worry about this. This kind of change is unlikely. Trump becoming president is probably even more unlikely.

Trump is a spoilt rich man

As a spoilt rich man, Donald Trump has advocated killing of wild animals in Africa by his sons. Trump's sons must be arrested if they have killed leopards, wild buffalos etc.. for trophy.

Donald Trump had 3 wives. Trump has appeared with Miss Universe contestants many times.

Melanie Trump has posed naked for a painting

Trump had appeared in a WWE fight.

Trump has invested some $1 billion in other countries and then Trump says outsiders are taking away American jobs.

People who earn in US dollars must also be paying in US dollars when they buy online. American websites are advertised all over the internet. This supports many Americans jobs. Trump will bankrupt USA

At 70 years old, Donald Trump must retire and do yoga only. Old man Trump has lost it.

With 10 million supporters only, Donald Trump must form 'Trump country' with his own rules and bitcoin currency

A US general has said "US army is not prepared for war with North Korea"

Do you think Americans can face Russians, Africans and Asians. Ahhhh.. ?

Mexicans in US catch robbers


Donald Trump must think twice

$35 per click site is operating from USA. Trump must look inside USA

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