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80 Kg wild pig beats 4 pitbull dogs


Leopard kills crocodile


Big fishes catching birds in air and on water


20 snakes chase lizard. It escapes (video)


A 200 Kg wild pig had killed eight pitbull dogs. This 200 Kg wild pig is alive and lives in forest of USA. It must have mated several times. This story is given by Hunters.

Little dog chases away thief video

Thiefs kick door andfind 2 Pitbull dogs video

South china Tiger kills wild boar


Eagles are known to kill wolves. Siberian squirrels have killed hunting dog. Tigers kill and eat adult bears.

Hunters talk about 120 Kg Jaguars (monsters). Scientists talk about 80 Kg Jaguars only. Big leopards have killed German shepherd dogs in India.

Wild pigs have to face leopards, jaguars, tigers, hyenas etc.. on a regular basis. Hunting dogs will be decimated in the wild world.

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Pitbulls didn't get the chance to lock jaws, wasn't fair.

Russian woman stops Pitbull dog.  Video..

This is how you deal with Pitbull dogs.  Finding videos on the internet is not easy.

Police kick attacking Pitbull dogs  Video..

400 people killed by dogs in 2014

45 people have been killed in USA in 2014 by dog attacks. Pit bull type dogs killed at least 36 of them directly. 18 of them are children. Worldwide 400 people must have been killed by dogs in 2014. Worldwide 100,000 - 500,000 people must have attacked by dogs in 2014.

33 people have been killed in USA in 2013 by dog attacks. Pit bull type dogs killed 30 of them. 16 of them are children.

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3 children killed by Pitbull dogs

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When I was in Law Enforcement 3 toddlers were killed by older "sweet" pitts that had "never harmed anybody". There were 15 other incidents of death and major injury I attended to in regards to these feral pussified retarded muts.Kill them all. Useless cunty ass ugly dumb violent carnivores. you're just uneducated and biased. Too bad you have such bad instincts and can't read animals. When you get somebody killed...don't feel bad about it. You didn't know.

Pitbulls dogs must be released into wild regions of Africa where Pitbulls will face Hyenas, leopards, crocodiles, lions etc....

Pitbulls breed must be eliminated. Pitbulls are products of people's dog breeding. Look at wild dogs in Africa.

300 Kg Marlin fish sinks fishermen's boat by pulling it after being caught in the fishing pole.


Lion hunts a hyena


Crocodile attacks male lion


Lions kill wild dogs


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