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Paypal alternatives with 0.5% to 1% fee ?  

These are best paypal alternatives. It means other websites like paypal. If you do not like paypal fees and its policies, you can use below listed online payment processors/e-currencies to send and receive money via internet in 190 countries

You do not need 'chargeback' when you send money to your family members and friends in 190 countries via email address (online)

1) With fees of only 1%. Send and receive money, store cards, link bank accounts and pay conveniently anytime and anywhere with your email address


2)  $0.60 to receive money. Free to send money. WiredPay is a safe and reliable international payment system. Send and recieve funds/money to your account. Sell Online, No paperwork, no approval process! Accepting payments on your website in just minutes!



Ewallet, shop and play online. Send funds instantly between family and friends in 190 countries. FREE to send money and only 1.5% plus $0.20 to receive transfers from others


3)  in an online wallent/Bank account. Pay bills, Recharge cell phones, Order your Prepaid MasterCard, Share funds with family and friends, Pay merchants (shopping),  Direct Deposit of your paychecks no bank charges


4) Perform money transfers between members and internet business projects. Buy Bitcoin, Gold Metal, USD and EUR currency online. Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops


5)  Link:


As a business owner, I realize that businesses go where the revenue is.  Make no mistake, as much as you'd like to think otherwise. If you refuses to accept payment by any means other than PayPal, your business will lose money and eventually fold. PayPal is done.  Businesses and online stores can accept that or it can be done too.

BestChange offers one-click access to lists of reliable e-currency exchangers for Bitcoin Paypal Neteller Litecoin payza  Perfectmoney & many other e-currencies


PayPal Owes $25 Million for Tricking Customers Into Using Its Online Credit Service

PayPal, being a good Samaritan tried to help out Netflix by banning VPN providers who specifically advertised to help customers get pass the Netflix geo-barriers and watch US program list.

Bitcoin linked to terrorists

EU To Crack Down on BitCoin Claiming to Prevent Terrorism. European Union countries are of course using terrorism as the excuse to now crackdown on any virtual currency claiming that anonymous payments made online and via pre-paid cards “can” be used by terrorists without any proof they even know how to use such currencies. The EU is using terrorism to crackdown on taxes without admitting that is really what they are afte

Paypal linked to Paris terrorist attacks ?

Anti-ISIS hackers claimed to have detected indicators of an impending attack on Paris as well as bitcoin funding, a wallet with over $3 million, used by ISIS militants.

Spanish police arrest 30 people suspected of using a 'crypto-currency' to launder money

Spanish police said on Wednesday they had arrested 30 people suspected of illegally distributing pay-TV content and of laundering the proceeds by investing in bitcoin "mining" centers for processing transactions in the digital currency, which use intensive computing power to generate more bitcoins.

There's a dude with an ISIS flag who posts sometimes on Bitcoin forums.

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