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                                       U.S President is the Leader of the Free World

5 stealth fighter jets on Airforce base in China (picture)

      Missiles fired in South China Sea

     Donald Trump: I want to scrap all H1B visas

     Wildlife crashing stock markets

     5% of country's population must be military

Planet Mars, 400,000,000,000 Trees and Elephant

     Less trees in American forests & mountains will stop wildfires/forest fires         

      $4 Trillion reward to remove Obama

      ISIS will enter India in 2016 ?  

     Website seized by secret service

     Give 3 countries to terrorists and 75 years old woman with Ak-47 gun  

gold and silver

     Oil at $70/barrel

     $1 for 6 meals

     Silver goes up $2.5/year

     Silver crash will get tagged to Obama's presidency

     New York will be targeted again

     Hillary Clinton will bring war to India

Trump becoming president unlikely: PTC source

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