ISIS leader "Abu Bakr al Baghdadi" had said to his jailers 'see you in New York' when he was released from prison in 2009.

2 times, New York has been targetted by terrorists. The ISIS threat seems to be real. If this is a nuclear threat then people must abandon New York and go to rural USA for one year.

N-Bomb/device can come from Mexico

Forum member:

There are probably 100,000 trucks that enter the USA from Mexico each week, many of them bring drugs, weapons or illegal immigrants.. does the FBI shut down the roads, or ban trucks from Mexico?

My reply:

One of trucks can have a nuclear bomb heading for New York. ISIS document says "full confrontation after 2016"

Gunmen can enter residential area

On airports, railway stations, malls etc.. there is police and more security guards. Residential areas and houses are open spaces with no police or few armed guards. ISIS threat to many countries can see gunmen targeting some residential areas. ISIS leader "Baghdadi" had said to his jailers "see you in New York". Gunmen can takeover a 40 storey residential tower etc.. Terrorists can change their tactics for easy targets. Well trained commandos have been killed in terrorist attacks. Police and SWAT have heavy weapons.

Forum member:

Let them come to a hood. Well see if that shit flies where ggangs have their own illegal Assault rifles .


U.S soldier: How to fight and defeat the US military

A US soldier pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring with his cousin to attack a suburban Chicago military base with the aim of killing over 100 people, prosecutors said.

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