A bull elephant needs 300 litres of water and 250 Kg food everyday. A 120 feet blue whale needs 2 tons to 5 tons food everyday. How much water is there on Mars for life to survive ?  6 billion people use around 1 Trillion litres of water everyday for drinking and cooking alone.

They say there are more Meteorite hits on Mars then on Earth.

They say there are 400 billion trees in North America.

There has to be 500 billion trees on Mars planet for people to live there. 500,000,000,000 trees will need 500,000,000,000,000 litres of water/year or more.....

NASA Mars scam going on....

350,000 wilderbeast eat 7000 tonnes food daily

A herd of 200,000 or 350,000 wilderbeast eats 7000 tonnes of grass and vegetation everyday. Wilderbeast are like big deers. A herd of wildbeasts can be of 2 million to 5 million animals. Predators play a good role in the wild.

A bull elephant eats 250 kg food and drinks 300 litres of water daily. They are wild elephants who bring down trees. They eat leaves after bringing down 40 feet tall trees.

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it also means...they leave 7000 tons of turds.The park administrator, being a good and respectable nature, should get the poo bags and pic it all up.

There are dung beetles who take animals dungs underground.

OP grass and leaves may be food to you, but to me they are plants. Give me a bacon burger thanks.

WWE "Great Khali" said 'he eats 5 chickens daily' Once he said 'he eats 34 eggs daily'

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