120 soldiers killed in attack on military center

Over 100 security killed in Taliban attack on Afghan military training center – reports


Breaking: Indian military fired at Paksitani soldiers near the border

Indian troops fired at Pakistani forces across the two countries’ line of control in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir on Monday, killing a woman and wounding nine civilians, Pakistani officials and the military said.Among the wounded were two women and three children.

The military said Pakistan troops “responded effectively” and targeted Indian posts from where the civilians were attacked. It also released photographs of bloodied and wounded children being treated at a local hospital.


Pakistan army Mortar Fire against Indian Army at LoC

Video: https://www.youtube.com

ISIS will enter India in 2016 ?

ISIS document says "Islamic state, or caliphate, can be declared between 2013 and 2016"

Double attack on India: ISIS online magazine

Video:   https://www.youtube.com

ISIS has India on its map. Pakistan has loose nuclear weapons. ISIS does not have USA on its map. ISIS does not have the resources to cross 3000 miles of sea/oceans. ISIS/ISIL and Al-qaeda are land invasion army.

India-Pakistan war will be 2016 to 2020

ISIS document says "full confrontation after 2016". Pakistan army will try to make way for "Islamic caliplate" on ISIS map in Asia. ISIS//ISIL seems to have achieved what Al-qaeda could not. India's "1.2 billion people' fantasy will be broken. Mughal Kings had invaded India in the past and ISIS members are Mughal followers. ISIS earns $50 million/month from oil and 2500 soldiers join ISIS every month.

ISIS had amassed near Afghanistan-Pakistan border after Russian airstrikes. 25% to 50% Pakistani military will support ISIS's Islamic state in Asia.  If ISIS does not make a move, 200,000 soldiers with big guns can be cornered with war machines within months. Saddam Hussein had 4200 battle tanks. Saddam Hussein's army was defeated by US army in one month. So ISIS has only 3 years more.

Jammu and Kashmir government must
make a statement if it wants a war with Pakistan

National Conference's Davinder Rana raised objections and asked the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, which governs the state in alliance with the BJP, to make a statement if it wants a war with Pakistan. CRPF soldiers were killed and 22 others were injured when terrorists ambushed a bus at Pampore, around 15 km from state capital Srinagar, on Saturday.


SRINAGAR: 4 soldiers were killed and another injured in shelling by Pakistani troops across the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district on Sunday. Pakistan intensified firing at Indian military posts and villages along the Line of Control or LoC in Poonch and Rajouri districts this morning, violating the ceasefire. A teenage girl and a soldier were injured in Poonch. The Indian Army said it was responding appropriately.


2 Indian soldiers killed in sniper attack from Pakistan side

Date: 22-12-2018  Kupwara, Jammu And Kashmir: The two soldiers who were killed were Junior Commissioned Officers. One of the soldiers was earlier injured after the ceasefire violation.

Yesterday 2 army jawans have died in a sniper attack by Pakistan, violating ceasefire along the Line of Control in Jumgund at Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara district.

Source: ndtv.com


In this video, 10 robbers enter the jewellry shop and rob all the cash. 2 of them have guns. If 10 men with 2 guns can rob a shop then military invasion of countries is possible.


Iraq: Army continues military operation to retake Fallujah from IS

Video:  https://youtu.be/ZKuKblykQiA


An Infosys employee from Bengaluru who went missing after last week’s Brussels attack is dead, the Indian embassy in Belgium tweeted on Monday. Raghavendran Ganesh, the 28-year-old India-born techie, was believed to be in a metro rail on March 22 when the Maelbeek station in Brussels was rocked by an explosion.


If he was an Indian citizen then ISIS has entered India in a way. A giant company like 'Infosys' could not provide for safety of their employee.

Iran's commander prepared 200,000 men to help Mahdi

Iran has prepared almost 200,000 young men in countries across the Middle East to help with the arrival of the Mahdi, a Muslim leader who will usher in justice prior to the Day of Judgment, a Revolutionary Guard commander said earlier this week. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said recent violence across the region, including the rise of the Islamic State group, was a sign the arrival of the messianic Muslim leader was imminent, the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah reported. Jafari said the current developments in the region, “the formation of [the Islamic State group] and Takfiri [extremist] groups, and the events that occurred in the past years are paving the ground for the emergence of Imam Mahdi,” Middle East Monitor reported. "You can now see the positive results in the readiness of nearly 200,000 young armed in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.”

link to www.ibtimes.com

Russian inteligence spots 12,000 oil tankers and trucks on Syria-Iraq route


That would $25 million to $35 million worth of oil. U.S and Russia will need 20,000 bombs for 12,000 trucks. That would need 3000 sorties by war planes according to my estimate.

12,000 truck drivers for ISIS oil convoy

Russian planes filmed an ISIS oil convoy of 12,000 tankers and trucks. That is 12,000 truck drivers

6 U.S troops killed in Afghanistan   December 21, 2015

A suicide attacker rammed an explosives-laden motorcycle into a joint NATO-Afghan patrol Monday killing six American service members, in the deadliest attack on international forces in the country since August. Two additional U.S. troops and an Afghan were wounded. Pentagon predicted that the insurgency is gaining strength.

ISIS kills 3 Pakistani soldiers


British from Dubai & Indian from USA joined ISIS

“While I was in Texas (2011), I came in contact with a lady, Nicky Joseph (a British national), staying in Dubai through YouTube... I came to know that she converted to Islam from Christianity... I learnt that she married one doctor and intended to marry a Muslim. I proposed her to marry... she agreed,” Mohiuddin told interrogators. “I and Nicky Joseph alias Ayesha decided to join ISIS to fight in favour of ISIS through illegal border crossing of Turkey.”


Mughal Kings had the best cannons in 16th century. ISIS and rebels fighting in Syria. Libya can make some weapons


ISIS has entered Pakistan: ISIS claims to have beheaded a Pakistani soldier and two other people near Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Banks who transfer money for ISIS

Which are the banks that transfer money for ISIS from 40 countries and help finance the richest terror group ? People from 40 countries must be sending money via banks to ISIS accounts.

HSBC was involved in $100 billion tax fraud. Big profits from stock markets must be going to ISIS.

Forum members:

i dont know about banks... but i know that any Islamic charitable activities are untrusted.

Donations are misused many times or used for criminal activities.

REALLY? I can't stand BofA. The ones who closed accounts of US gun store owners & refused to credit their monies for sales to their accounts!

ISIS has $3 million in Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created by cia for this purpose...go figure

But a UK man has earned $20 million from Bitcoin (trading)

Guess where the banks got the money to fund ISIS? 2008 bank "bailout" ring any bells?

Shut up u fiat fktards Money transfers dont shoot people who financed WW1 and 2 ????

I'm guessing they're controlled by Jews.Which is a pretty easy guess to make, since all the banks are controlled by Jews.

Assad of Syria: When I look at the world, I understand that Vladimir #Putin is the only defender of Christian civilization.

India refused to join international coalition against ISIS.

5 people killed in seperate attacks by Palestinians in Israel.


Only 8 million people in Israel. That would be like 600 people killed in India.

ISIS Oil Fleet Wiped Out By Russians  Video..  https://youtu.be/TqiFmfGilNg

If ISIS gets military support

If military of a country supports ISIS/ISIL and Al-qaeda, then there dreams of Islamic state will lead to full scale war. If shopkeepers can become ISIS gunmen then why can't soldiers and high rank military personnels join ISIS. Military coup leading to regime change will give military hardware to ISIS and Al-qaeda. That military will absorb ISIS members as soldiers. How long do you think 50,000 ISIS soldiers will survive heavy bombimgs ? Without military support if ISIS thinks of "full confrontation after 2016", they will not see 2017.

ISIS plans sttack in India.

Coming to avenge Babri, Kashmir, Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar: ISIS video

For the most part, the video consists of interviews, mainly conducted at an unidentified coastal location. There is no combat footage of Indians, bar one sequence involving several men in two boats, first released by the Islamic State’s Indian affiliate, Junood Khilafat-al-Hind, last year.


U.S soldier: How to fight and defeat the US military

A US soldier pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring with his cousin to attack a suburban Chicago military base with the aim of killing over 100 people, prosecutors said.

Read more:  http://www.globalpost.com/article/

ISIS has 120,000 fighters

Just when Obama said "ISIS has been contained", reports say ISIS has 60,000 fighters in Syria, 20,000 in Iraq and 40,000 in other parts of the world.

Facebook and Twitter are helping ISIS/IS spread their messages and get new recruits. Media/journalists will not go into Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Libya and Asia. People also have infomations.

70 year old ISIS fighter. See video timer at 1:52  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq_iP5lQsAU

25% to 50% ISIS fighters and taliban & Al-qaeda are 40 year men.

Putin: ISIS soldiers fight for money

Putin says ISIS soldiers will fight for who pays more money to them


$100 billion deal will be cancelled by ISIS

Airbus $70 billion plane deal with Arab countries seems to be in trouble because of ISIS rampage. Boeing must also be trying to sell planes.

"9/11 Plane fear" seems to be back after ISIS terror threats worldwide. Isis is posting a photo of the bomb they used to blow up Russian plane over Sinai Egypt. 1kg of explosives packed into a soda can. I predict that ISIS will bring down atleast one large plane with their heat seeking missiles. The busiest airport in the world "Dubai airport" is easily accessible to ISIS and Al-qaeda. Somebody told me "he will go to $50,000 prostitute". There will be big crimes and terrorist attacks.

ISIS bought anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine via Kuwait terrorist cell

Video.. https://youtu.be/3zGBSbZqfqk

Trump will be pulled up by Saudi Arabia

I think Trump said "he will shut down  mosques in USA"

Do you think USA's international relationship will be good if Donald Trump becomes U.S President 2016 ?

Airbus is waiting for $70 billion planes deal from Arab countries.

Forum member:

I think Trump said Vishal is a useless idiot.

If he says that he will be is trouble.

100 million 'mahdi muslims'

There are around 100 million 'mahdi muslims' who want Islamic state worldwide. It is advisable not to travel for 1 or 2 years. Terrorists have heat seeking missiles because of mismanagement from Obama admin. Planes can be targeted near airports. Hundreds and thousands of terrorists, disguised as refugees have legally entered Europe and USA.

4,000 terrorists have entered Europe ?

Two of the terrorists involved in Paris attacks were refugees from Syria. More than 4 million refugees have come to Europe since Syria war. If 0.1% of the refugees are terrorists that would mean 4,000 or more terrorists have entered Europe legally.

Dubai and middle east countries are easily accessible to ISIS, ISIL, and Al-qaeda. Just as thousands of ISIS soldiers took over Iraq in night raid, in the same way hundreds or thousands of terrorists can appear in Dubai and middle east countries because they must be living there for past one year. ISIS is rich terror group so they can buy or rent houses/apartments in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc.. Libya has been left unchecked since 2012. Rebel fighters must have travelled to rich Arab countries for luxury life and now they can start their terrorists activities since Russia has joined air strikes against ISIS and ISIL.

Forum members:

Coming to a town very soon --- I know why we saved those petrol bombs.

Dig a hole in your backyard and store 'petrol bombs' underground for safety.

Terrorists are Muslims.

Muslims are not terrorists.


"Just wait," the ISIS smuggler said with a smile.The ISIS agent—who claimed to be a former member of Syria's security forces—said the smuggling of jihadist militants in Europe is just the beginning of a bigger plot to avenge the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes on ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq. He said the ISIS leadership is taking advantage of Western Europe's generosity towards refugees to infiltrate the continent, noting that the refugees were welcomed warmly as they arrived in Germany this weekend after journeying through Hungary and Austria.


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