Insider information for Gold

Hedge fund algorithm which provides an estimated value of Gold with no regard for how high or low a particular issue goes, relative to historical norms.

1Q, 2016: $1020 - $1048
2Q, 2016: $985 - $1005
3Q, 2016: $921 - $983
4Q, 2016: $875 - $918

1Q, 2017: $839 - $863
2Q, 2017: $798 - $820
3Q, 2017: $685 - $742
4Q, 2017: $549 - $622

1Q, 2018: $502 - $568
2Q, 2018: $460 - $531
3Q, 2018: $388 - $403
4Q, 2018: $279 - $374

If gold will go to $350/ounce, there will be no buyers. How will gold get sold ?  So gold price will remain at $800/ounce to $1100/ounce. Without buyers, sellers are puppies.

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At $400/ounce, gold investors will lose 15 years of profits.

I can say this...Mining and extraction is an oil intensive operation.Lots of heavy equipment and machines.With Oil bottoming like it is I would guess the mining, and extraction costs would go down, as well as the commodity price?The next biggest consideration would be Man-Hours, or Personnel Costs? Minimum costs for mining and extraction should be considered.

If gold goes to $500/ounce, there will be no investors till 2020. Gold is luxury. An American paid $170 million for a nude painting.

Employee of a hedge fund got the information.

IF gold EVER goes THAT low, that would have meant that there was a SEVERE contraction in global money supply.AND that would have meant that WWIII in earnest would have long since begun and is over, AND that would mean that there are very few ppl walking the planet, much less driving or doing anything else but looking for food and shelter if there is ANY to be found.

Lowest possible price for gold & silver coins, bars you can buy. Online stores/shops to buy and sell gold & silver/ bullion. International/Overseas storage vaults in 5 countries

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