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Ex UFC/MMA fighter killed by police for stabbing a police officer


If you look at ISIS killing videos, they look like movies. Violence and sex shown in movies must be firing up terrorists before they go on their missions. Terrorists must be watching movies to kill times. Big guns, big explosions, misuse of military hardware shown in hollywood movies and other movies.

ISIS is richest terror group. The senior managers of ISIS must be getting ideas from movies. Gunmen love movie theatres.

Hollywood blockbuster movie "Predator 1" with lead actor Arnold had very little role for the female actor in the movie. They could have shown that the only survivor was a man from the village which was massacred by the alien. Actually they put females in movies for attraction/false beauty, just as there in no need for a woman to be U.S President.

2nd richest movie star, droughts and 5 mps ICBM

Bollywood superstar "Shahrukh Khan" is worth $600 million and he is second richest movie star in the world.This year 330 million people in India are facing drought conditions.Instead of saving their money for important work such as agriculture, irrigation and military, Indian people kept giving their money to bollywood. Now China has 5 miles per second ICBM missile and China's air force looks way ahead of Indian air force.

Bollywood superstar Sunny leone was a porn star.

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According to Michio Kaku, world renowned theoretical physicist and professor The internet today is 37 percent pornography

India's number #1 fugitive "Dawood Ibrahim" was involved in sex industry and bollywood


25% to 40% men and boys

Women and girls who wear jeans and show off clothes, do you know 25% to 40% men and boys look at females buttocks/arses when they bend or walk.

Once I was watching Man, Woman, Wild on Discovery channel. A tree had fallen across a river and Ruth was crawling on that tree to cross the river. Her husband "Mike" who was standing behind her, looked at her buttocks and said "nice view there". If a husband says that for her wife in front of the world then you can understand what men and boys must be saying.

Once I was at the sports ground. A football match was going on there so I lied down to rest and then fell asleep. when I woke, I saw 5 women in jeans (not sure) were watching the football match and their backs were facing towards me. I said "what a way to start my day" and I walked away from there.

Giant snake kills 8 people

In the hollywood movie "anaconda", the giant snake kills 5 to 8 people.But a 30 feet to 40 feet long giant python was killed in Malaysia when the bulldozer hit the snake while digging the ground.

On Animal Planet, I have seen Australian expert single handedly catch a 20 feet long python.Don't you think Hollywood is creating bad image for monsters in the minds of people and also earning multi-million dollars.Multi-million dollars from hollywood, Las Vegas and stock markets will enter US elections 2016.

The day, the monsters disappears, the rivers will die.

Forum members:

Wasnt the snakes it the movies supposed to be really long like longer than any real snake like 100 feet or so ?

This is one reason why I carry a knife at all times. Go ahead and swallow me giant snake, I'll just cut my way out, lol.

A 20 feet long python will break your bones and then eat you. Stay away from monsters. There is no escape from monsters if they catch you.

A 1000 kilo and 19 feet long giant crocodile was captured by 40 to 50 villagers in Indonesia. They used hooks/snares and ropes only.

Hollywood needs some spanking. Hollywood must be sued for $200 billion.  

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