$1 for 8 meals

The East Texas food bank gives 8 meals for $1. Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ron Paul and George Bush are from Texas. Donald Trump will have to do better to get U.S Presidency 2016.  Give a thought to Rand Paul 2016

Froum members:

Food banks give out free food as long as you qualify (as in your are a resident). I've never heard of people paying money to a food bank, people do donate to them instead. My ex-landlady qualified and she brought back a weeks worth of groceries for free.

$1 must be going to these food banks.

I have never heard of people having to pay for food at the food bank before. Even if it is only $1, to a person who has no money sometimes they don't even have that dollar. Even if the money was going to the food bank, you wouldn't think $1 would add up to a whole lot. Food banks rely on donations from individuals and businesses.

Yes, to my knowledge food banks never charge for food. Mac and cheese is another meal that is very cheap. You can probably make at least 10 meals from those 35 cent boxes of mac and cheese you can find at Dollar General...and the homemade variety with real cheese is not expensive either. Hot dogs etc..there are lots of cheap foods.

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I've yet to see or hear of any food banks charging for food. There are restaurants that have an interesting angle on that, like Bon Jovi's restaurant that lets people pay the price they set and feel like paying that they can afford for a meal or choose to work as staff temporarily to pay off a meal if they want to. There's some cool stuff like that out there for traditional for-profit restaurants and commercial places, but food banks are donation-supported, non-profit entities so you're not going to pay to use them. I'm not sure what you was trying to get at with the $1 for 8 meals.

I think $1 donation to Eastern Texas food bank will provide 8 meals.


The East Texas Food Bank takes each dollar that is donated and combines it with other financial gifts, donated food products and time that volunteers give to stretch that one dollar to the maximum.


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