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I am the owner of and my name is Vishal Rawat aka Mach. I think international.

My mission is to preserve/save wildlife. Without animals, birds, trees and forests there will be no people.

Many people have told me that they want to buy subscription/newsletter for my website but I tell them "read my my website for free and if you like it then send donations/money to me". If I make my website  "pay and read" then people who have less money will be denied information. (My income has been $300/month till now)

You can also send money to me by banks cheques, western union, demand drafts etc..  Bank-wire transfer is best for amounts of $200 or more. Email me for my bank details and address.

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My Video. That's me in the Video

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I need $200 for my website hosting. Anybody who can give me the money?  In total I need $2000. Bank-wire and cheques only

At present I have taken off data/topics from my website because I have yet to apply for copyright for my website. Due to financial problems, the delay keeps getting extended for me to apply for copyright You can help me earn money by registering with websites I am affiliated with, since I will get commission.

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The More You Speak, the Stronger You Get