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Former US President Barack Obama
loses 60 million Twitter Followers!

Obama: Hillary Can't Run The White House

38 countries not following international rules

Since its foundation in 1975, all NSG members shall be NPT signatories. United States has supported New Delhi NSG bid

38 countries who supported India bid for NSG were going against international rules for nuclear materials because India did not sign NPT. Governments of these 38 countries must be pulled by international community. These 38 countries are behaving like owners of the world. Actually, India is throwing tantrums for elite group and 38 countries fell for it. Barack Obama talks about biggest nuclear threat from terrorists and at the same time Obama does not follow international rules for safe guarding nuclear materials.

Forum member: says the epitome of justice

Curse has been put on Obama

Ancient curse has been put on Barack Obama. Russian SU-24 jet was shot down over Syria killing 2 Russian pilots. Vladimir Putin said "Russia will do more than just put sanctions".  Obama said "Turkey had the right to defend its territory".

So Turkey fighter jets could have fired warning shots and chased away the Russian SU-24 jet from their territory. Russian pilots could have been killed in mid-air from Turkey's missile. No two countries are at war right now. Airspace can be violated by fighter jets.When multi-billion dollars business deals goes on between Turkey and Russia, why can't Russian fighter jets enter Turkey airspace for 2 minutes ?

Russian Police must arrest Turkey pilots who shot down SU-24 jet killing 2 Russians. Putin's image will be trashed will the pilots go free.

US accuses Russia of Targeting their U.S jets in Syria

RUSSIAN anti-air defence systems have reportedly started targeting US jets in Northern Syria, forcing Obama to down planes as tensions mount in the fight against the sick Islamic State. The Pentagon suggested Russian military equipment had begun “painting” American jets – targeting them on radar which US officials said was a direct and dangerous provocation.

Obama responsible for danger of nuclear terrorism

Osama Bin laden could have been arrested but Obama signed Osama's kill order. Al-qeada had vowed to take revenge for Osama's killing.Obama started Syria war and re-started Iraq war. Now barack Obama repeatedly stresses/talks the danger of nuclear terrorism.
Nobel peace prize has gone into Obama's head.

On September 11, 2018, I thought "it is September 11" and I looked at the time in my mobile phone, it was 9:11 p.m. Is it saying something ??

lol and 200 billion to iran? finish your sentence.

165 mass shootings under Obama's presidency

There have been 162 mass shooting under Obama's presidency. 8  or more people have been killed in 18 shootings.

A serial killer has killed 15 doctors in USA in 2015.  Some 15 police officers have been killed in USA since September 2015.

Obama knew about top secret documents

Why was Barack Obama silent about Hillary's emails for past 4 years if the classified documents/top secret were misused by US secretary of state?
Hillary Clinton was sending emails to Obama.

He is as guilty as she is that is why for four years nothing has happened.

Trump on Clinton: She has to go to jail, she's guilty as hell


It should be:  Trump on Obama: He has to go to jail, he's guilty as hell

Trump: Obama 'weakened' America

Trump: Obama people spied on a rival presidential campaign. Scary stuff

“The Obama people did something that’s never been done...They spied on a rival presidential campaign. Would it be OK if Trump did it next? I am losing faith that our system is on the level. I’m beginning to think it is rotten & corrupt. Scary stuff Obama did.”

Turkey President 'Edrogan' is Saddam Hussein 2

Arrest warrent has been issued against Turkey's President son 'Recep Erdogan' since he has been accused of having likns with ISIS militants in Syria, and murdering journalists who investigated the crimes.

Saddam hussein's son "Uday' was hiding Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is Iraq which lead to U.S invasion og Iraq.

In 2015, Apple inc. lost $150 billion, IBM lost $133 billion and Pepsi lost $130 billion. All the gains under Obama's Presidency will be lost. Silver price has gone below $15/ounce in 2015 and Gold price is below $1110/ounce.

10 American sailors held by Iran. Video:

Could turn out like Libya with ISIS presence in Iran. U.S vessels stop Iran's navy ship in gulf . Iran detains U.S sailors.

The Iranian Navy had missiles locked onto the USS Harry Truman during the January 12th incident
"The USS Truman Aircraft carrier showed unprofessional moves for 40 minutes after the detention of the trespassers, while we were highly prepared with our coast-to-sea missiles, missile-launching speedboats and our numerous capabilities," Fadavi said, according to Fars News Agency."The US and France's aircraft carriers were within our range and if they had continued their unprofessional moves, they would have been afflicted with such a catastrophe that they had never experienced all throughout the history," he warned.

link to

U.S is waiting for Pearl Harbour 2

2 million bats is bad omen

They say 2 million fruit bats in a big city is bad omen for the city. Fruit bats are quite big. It takes 1 hour to 2 hours for the 'flock of bats' to fly across an area.

Forum members:

Is that enough to make the sky go black?

I had a nice sighting of an absolutely massive owl last night, in the fucking middle of this city. Wingspan was well over 1m.

Big fruit bats also have wingspan of 1 meter. Only 25% of the fruit bats have wingspan of 1 meter.

Yeah I only saw this one thing, flew like directly over me, barely a couple of meters away. Solitary and clearly a bird, though I am assuming it was an owl (pretty sure though). I can't even imagine what 2 million things of that size would look like.

Gold & Silver price if Israel bombed Iran in 2012 ?

If Israel had bombed Iran in 2012, what would have been gold and silver price in 2012 ?

Saudi army enter Iran ?

Protesters stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran, Iran burning images of the Saudi king after Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shia Muslim cleric. Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others on January 03, 2016.  In Saudi Arabia they would have beheaded people who burned Saudi King's images.  Saudi royal family is getting serious threats from Iran.

Will Saudi army enter Iran for insult of their king and to elemininate the threats to Saudi royal family. ?

Who is Sachin Tendulkar ??

In 2103, Indian media was brainwashing people with news of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's retirement.

WWE wrestler CM Punk would always shout "I am the best", I am the best".

So once 'Big Show' told him "when you retire from wrestling, you will be forgotten and some new person will occupy the minds of people". CM punk looked devasted after this hearing and looked traumatised for many months.
Main stream media needs viewership and multi-million dollars so they keep pushing up somebody.

People eat thousands of aliens everyday

Scientists think octopuses 'might be aliens' after DNA study

Octopuse eating  Video..

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