Russia fires 150 missiles/rockets in 1 minute

See Video timer 1:30:

Many many long range S-400 missiles fired in minutes


Taiwan simulates a China invasion during military drill


Chinese "Mother of all Bombs"


Turkish Military Cobra attack helicopter Shot Down by Man Portable Air Defense System


S-400 missiles fired in South
China Sea, 300 ships, dozens of fighter planes and troops involved

S-400 missiles can hit targets 400 km away

With a tracking range of 600 km and the ability to hit targets 400 km away at a blistering speed of 17,000 km an hour – faster than any existing aircraft–the S-400 is a truly scary weapon if you are facing its business end.First deployed by Russia in 2010, each S-400 battalion has eight launchers, a control centre, radar and 16 missiles available as reloads.

China accused the US on Thursday of meddling in its affairs in the South China Sea and making factually incorrect comments on India’s bid to enter the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) while expressing strong displeasure at an American diplomat’s remarks on the two issues in New Delhi.Beijing described the comments by US under secretary of state for political affairs Thomas Shannon as “irresponsible” and said the US should stop trying to drive “wedges” between countries.

NSG Indicates No Exception Will Be Made for India

Seoul: At the end of its two-day plenary, the NSG on Friday declared its "firm support" for the "full, complete and effective" implementation of the NPT as the cornerstone of the international non-proliferation regime, a clear indication that no exception will be made in the case of India.

The statement by the 48-nation grouping, however, said that it will continue to have discussions on participation of countries which have not signed the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

If signing NPT is mandatory as per international law then Obama is illegally backing India for NSG group ?

"Obama is illegally backing countries who have not signed NPT'

Governments, presidents and prime ministers are doing illegal deals and they want worldwide people to be law abiding citizens ?

France had not signed NPT before got inducted into NSG! So, there is always an exception...everywhere..!

France was inducted without NPT

If India gets into NSG without signing NPT then Pakistan will also enter NSG without signing NPT and Pakistan nuclear materials can go into the hands of Iran, North Korea.

Basically India is encouraging transfer of nuclear materials into the hands of aggressive countries. China just wants India to sign NPT.

India can supply nuclear materials to Vietnam, Taiwan etc..if the NPT is not signed.

The only way to safely boycott China is to live in a jungle somewhere, wearing leaves and eating coconuts.

It has neither made progress towards CTBT nor has separated its civilian and military nuclear reactors.

India is said to be runnng the largest un-safeguarded nuclear program with a fissile production capacity 7.7 times greater than that of Pakistan.

India will go for 240 Russian Sukhoi 35 Advance Fight Jets

China's fastest nuclear missile which travels at 5 miles per second, can carry 10 nuclear warheads

With such high developments in Chinese military, United States of America is justified in blocking China's advances in South China Sea.High military developments of many countries is a wake up call for USA, Russia and Europe when the designs of war machines are similar worldwide.

15 china military planes enter india

Over 60 Topol, Topol M, Yars missile launchers taking part in Russia's large scale drills

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