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Buy a Lion for $20,000 and release it into the wild

Instead of paying $50,000 to hunt and kill a lion in Zimbabwe, they must buy a lion for $20,000 and release it into the wild/forests. Earlier there were some 500,000 Lions in Africa. Now reports say there are only 20,000 lions in Africa.

96,000 Tigers killed in 20th century

In the year around 1900, there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Now there are some 4000 tigers in the wild.

Tigers are heritage.

Crocodiles killed for their skin.

2000 crocodiles farm. Video

People can buy crocodiles and release them back into the rivers.  A leather bag made from crocodile skin sells for as much as $43,000

More pets, less food for wild animals

If pets keep on increasing. there will be less food for wild animals. If 25% to 50% pets are eaten by wild animals, there should not be any problem. Pets are also animals. Wild prey animals and birds live a tough life. If pets keep on encroaching wildlife then prey animals will find it difficult to survive. and then predators will come for pets and farm animals.

Eagles are known to kill wolves. Who will win in fight between Eagle and Pitbull ?

Leopards kill eagles. Who will win the fight between leopard and pitbull ?

Leopards have to face tigers, lions, hyenas, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants, pythons, venomous snakes, buffalos, zebras etc.. on a daily basis.

Pet dogs are pampered animals.

10 million sheeps & goats for wild animals

There are some 400 million sheeps and goats (livestock) with people worldwide. 5% of livestock must be given/released to wild animals such as leopards, crocodiles, wolves, tigers, lions etc..Now there is 50% less wildlife than 40 years ago. US army (CIA) purchased sheep and goats worth $40 million and gave them to Afghan people or Taliban.

Leopards are more dangerous than taliban.


South China Tigers in Africa Video

5 dogs and 5 men attack one wolf/coyote

One wolf/coyote gets cornered by 5 dogs and 5 men

Video link 1)

Video link 2)

5 dogs and 2 men kill one wolf/coyote

Video link

Wildlife departments and officials must look into rampant killing of wolves by shepherd dogs and rural people worldwide.  
They say there are 500 million dogs worldwide. 25% dogs must be removed for better life of wild animals.

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