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Batista, Brock Lesner, Booby lasley have been defeated in UFC and MMA fights. To save WWE's pride, Triple H, Kane, Undertaket, Big Show, Great Khali, Goldberg, Roman Reigns etc..must appear in some UFC fights.

Stephanie Mcmahon of WWE has slapped many wrestlers in past 3 years. Batista and Big Show got slapped by Stephanie. She tries to boss Kane. Stephanie must pick on mid sized wrestlers for slapping such as Dolph zizler.

Stephanie Mcmahon slaps Roman Reigns. Video

Triple H must deal with big wrestlers. Stephanie must take care of female wrestlers or mid sized wrestlers.

That whore "Lita" had slapped Kane few years back. Rusev got slapped by 2 witches. Slapping big men is not OK.


WWE wrestling reflects corporate world to some or great extent where women acquire high positions and then men look like weaker sex.

If Hillary Clinton becomes U.S President, USA's macho image will be seriously trashed.

When WWE wrestler "Ryback" is in the ring he keeps saying "feed me more" "feed me more". So Ryback must campaign for poor people. Ryback must join world food programme.

Kane vs Brock lesner

In WWE there has been no match between Kane vs Brock lesner. Vladimir Koslov is more of a fighter than Brock lesner.

There has been no match between Vladimir Koslov vs Brock lesner, great khali vs Brock lesner


7 feet 4 inch wrestler and police officers

In WWE wrestling, I have seen Kane and Undertaker choke slam Great Khali. But when Kane and Undertaker face fake police officers in WWE, they just give up.

In 2015, in the brawl with Undertaker, Brock lesner could not be controlled by 15 big wrestlers. But Brock Lesner went quiet when 6 manlet policemen surrounded him. WWE wrestling is digging its own grave. There is nothing wrong in bashing police officers in WWE. Police is no match for WWE wrestlers if they go for it.

Forum members:

OP is watching WWE Payback I assume? I noticed its the only thing under Fights for today.. which is unfortunate. I didnt even know WWE still existed, how do they draw fans? Oh.. must be people like hindu dindu op that still watch.

Dood, It's not real.The end.

These wrestlers aren't rich and famous cause they're stupid. Of course they listen to a police officer, only a stupid dindu wouldn't. Obliviously its probably a lesson for kids.

Police should know their place in heirarchy. The police officers are not real they are indie wrestlers lol

World's Strongest Man vs 4th Degree Blackbelt UFC fight


Brock Lesnar in UFC fights


$10 million 6 Feet. $1 million 7 feet

John Cena who is 6 feet 1 inch tall has $10 million contract with WWE.

Kane who is 7 feet tall has $1.1 million contract with WWE.

John Cena is no match for Kane.

Without Kane, Undertaker and Big Show, WWE will be "show of stuntmen"

Ex UFC/MMA fighter killed by police for stabbing a police officer


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