Giant petroleum company "Shell" has stopped its Arctic oil exploration. With Oil at $50/barrel, revenues of giant oil companies are down upto 90%. Either they will push crude oil price back to $100/barrel or massive oil exploration projects/work carried out by Giant oil companies will stopped due financial problems.

China has 110 million cars but China's big cities have worst pollution problems. China has target of 200 million cars by 2020. Some 10,000 cars were destroyed in China's Tajuin seaport's massive explosion in July 2015.

Audi says 2.1 million of its diesel cars worldwide have software that can cheat emission norms. In total Volkswagen's 3.3 million cars are involved in "cheat software" scam.

Cars, SUVs and jeeps used by ISIS are from Toyota company. There are many videos on the internet of ISIS entering or moving in Iraq sand Syria in fleet of 200 to 500 cars and SUVs. If ISIS and ISIL buy vehicles then Toyota has earned lots of money from terrorists and criminals. I think Taliban and Al-qaeda also use Toyota vehicles.

There cannot be 8 billion cars on Earth.

4 bikers killed in road crash


Woman thrown 45 feet in the air after car crash


Airborne’ Tesla car vaults railway track, smashes into schoolyard (VIDEO)

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