$80,000/year moderators fired from jobs

I got this email:

In the last few weeks, we've been reviewing banned accounts on the BoxingScene Forums. We believe there were users who were incorrectly given permanent bans by moderators who are no longer with our site. If you'd like for us to review your account for immediate reinstatement, please respond to this email.

moderators on BoxingScene Forums get $80,000/year.

My Reply: I will post again in your forum

Big Show, The Miz and Kane close the New York Stock Exchange


Wildlife crashing stock markets ?

Now there is 50% less wildlife than 40 years ago. Asian markets have fallen -12% in January 2016. global markets have fallen -20% in 2015. I say DOW Jones 12000 by December 2020.

Forum members:

Thanks now I have 50% less brain cells than 40 seconds ago.

but there are 50% more people.

3 factors of disaster:  population density gender imbalance resource depletion looks like we are at a tipping point. solutions?

needs more barbwire

Good idea.

Africa is 4 times the size of Australia or USA. How will you put African wildlife in barbed wires ?

Amazon is 4 times the size of Australia or USA. How will you put Amazon wildlife in barbed wires ?

Poachers have helicopters.

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