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7 feet 3 inch African with $350 million But Africa is still poor

Retired NBA great '
Shaquille o'neal' is worth $350 million. Shaquille o'neal must go to Africa and invest his money in Africa instead of getting face to face with Big Show in WWE wrestling. A single punch from Big Show will knock out shaquille o'neal

After 2016, Barack Obama must take all the rich black people back to Africa and help Africans there.
Rich black people are responsible for poverty and crimes in Africa.

'Oprah Winfrey' is worth $3 billion but Africa is still poor.

Made in Africa Cars, SUVs, jeeps



Cars, SUVs, jeeps made by simple machines and workers



'Made in Ghana' cars are built to survive anything

The first cars to carry a "made in Ghana" seal will be under a harsh spotlight as they prepare to enter the marketplace and take on the major international brands.Despite positive reviews, Kantanka Group faces another challenge as a small operator seeking to compete with established rivals. The manufacturing base in Accra can produce just 100 cars month, and with high costs, the cheapest of three models costs around $20,000.

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Ha ha. Thats funny. Not one single black person (especially not the rich ones) would ever voluntarily move to Africa.

All the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, etc are too chicken to ever live there.

But Shaquille can say "no" to WWE.

Actually Shaquille wants to show his muscles in Pre determined fight.

Good for Shaq, I just hope he is better at fake wrestling than he was at basketball. The question about why people watch sports is easy, for eternity mankind has watched gladiators in stadiums or arenas battle it out. It doesn't matter what activity is being played, people just love carnage and or competition. Now days the exorbitant ticket prices fuel the HUGE contracts these athletes demand.

Stop going to games and these guys wont make a dime.

There are plenty of large white men in the USA's 310,000,000 population, but they are kept out of pro sports thru the college draft.

My friend was one of them. He tried out for football, and got a scholarship to many universities. It was just stating to go black back in the 80s, and he was drummed out. He said it was "too tuff" at that time. Even worse today. You will not get a scholarship as a white guy for sports today. In the 80s and before they gave many.

Spectator sports are on TV. As long as they are on TV they will make money.

$50 million is enough for life-time for a family.

Great Khali is 7 feet 3 inches tall. He earned $2 million to $5 million from WWE. Great Khali went back to his Indian village and he is using his $2 million for the development of his village.

But Shaqille has earned $350 million from sports in USA and he is still fooling around in USA.

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