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95% websites get 200 hits daily

When my website would get 200 hits everyday, it was ranked above 95% of the websites on the internet. 15000 to 25000 websites close down everyday.

Don't you think google/search engines fool people ?

Google and other search engines send traffic to 5% websites only. 95% websites have to buy advertisements. Only 5% to 10% of the visitors to your website, read it. Internet seems to be the biggest fraud in human history. 75% websites on the internet get 50 visitors daily. These websites  do not seem to appear in google/search engines

5% = 25,000,000 websites which appear in google and other search engines. I think search engines cannot handle more than 50,000,000 websites for top 10 places.
It is better to buy advertisments for your website rather than depend on google and other search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) etc are scams.

When my website would get 500 to 1000 visitors everyday, it was ranked above 98% websites on the internet (not sure)

95000 visitors/month for

See this

Google Top 20 can give you losses

My website has some good 'paypal alternatives' which are not listed in Top 20 searches of google. My website can be listed in google top 50 to 200. I have not seen a paypal alternative which looks very good, on any other paypaltalk websites. It is there on my website.

Google hit with $1.7 billion fine from EU over advertising

Google has been hit with a €1.49bn (1.28bn) fine from the EU for blocking rival online search advertisers.It is the third EU fine for the search and advertising giant in two years.The case accuses Google of abusing its market dominance by restricting third-party rivals from displaying search ads between 2006 and 2016.

Google owner Alphabet makes large amounts of money from advertising - pre-tax profits reached $30.7bn (23bn) in 2018, up from $12.66bn in 2017.

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Forum members:

It depends, if 1% of those visitors spend on average $200 then things aren't so bad.

Advertisements are expensive. They cost lots of money to website owners. To qualify for affiliate programs with so-called internet giants such as Wal-mart, etc.. your website needs 50,000 visitors/monthly.

Website seized by secret service

Major operating going on by secret service and U.S treasury.

Yesterday while surfing at traffic exchange site, I saw, a domain name has been seized by U.S treasury and secret service.

Forum members:

Which websites can be seized by U.S treasury and secret service ?

I don't know exactly, but I'd have to assume that for starters, that would be any website being used for illegal purposes, treason, or things like money laundering, right? Anything that would be a threat to national security... probably quite a list.

Which website advertised on a 'traffic exchange (PTC)' will be used for counterfiet currency or treason or illegal purpose?  Traffic exchange sites hide advertisers links so I could not copy it.

FBI deals with financial frauds. Service service logo surprised me.

25% to 40% sites advertised on PTC websites are scams. $25 per click. $10 per email, 10 cents to 25 cents per click/ad, $75  per survey, hundreds of Bitcoin faucets etc

Any website that is seized by the authorities is surely engaged with illegal activities. Over here, there are several sites that were shut down and the operators were arrested for engaging in the so called cyber sex. They have minors for the performers where the viewers pay a fee to watch the live sex show. That is not the first website that was seized here, there are also websites on drugs and other illegal activities.

Any one that they want. They make their own rules, without caring about people's rights. And they can come up with any excuse to label you a threat.

I'm sure any website can be shutdown if it is deemed a threat to national security. I don't know if the department of treasury or the secret service have the authority. But there are government agencies that do have that power, if need be.

Any website that has illegal activities, usually involving minors, drug trafficking, threats and such things. Though it's hard to even track some of these sites because they operate under the table. But they do happen and many sites have been shut down due to illegal activities even here in our country. But mostly it's because of prostitution, child labor or abuse, animal abuse and such activities.

In my 12 years of internet use, this is the first time that I have seen, a website has been seized by U.S treasury and secret service. So it begins..

Ever hear of ShadowCrew, Ancient one? Ever hear of JotForm? No, this is not just beginning... the SS has the authorization to close down websites and has done so over the years. Nothing is beginning except maybe cleaning up more slime.I don't know about these you mentioned but some torrent sites that deal piracy can be a part of their agenda. I really don't know how this works and if they have a unit for these sites and in general for internet frauds and scams. I guess they have. I am guessing because I am not from the U.S and I have no idea apart from TV shows and movies how this functions.

Websites get shut down all of the time, it's not news, but the problem the authorities have is finding the people behind it. Often they allow the site to continue until they have tracked them down. No one really owns a site and ICANN can take back any extension they want, and a service provider can shut down an ISP.

And when I see that the secret service did it, my first thought is "wow, that must have been something huge going on there" and it would never occur to me to think "how dare they?" I say we're lucky these places *are* being watched and dismantled when that needs to be done!

Ah yes, I noticed that, too, did seem rather odd since I haven't heard even as much as murmurs other places. Maybe he'll grace us with an explanation, but probably not wise to hold our breath.

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