How many companies will shut down if Obama's $4 Trillion printed money is withdrawn from the economy ??

Money from thin air = printed money

A person can live a lavish life with $10 million.
But Bill Gates has $76 Billion.

$4 Trillion reward to remove Obama

American companies had said "they have $4 Trillion but they will not invest the money till Obama leaves office"

I think American companies had offered $4 Trillion as a reward for Americans to remove Obama in 2012.

Shooting down Russian war jet killing 2 Russians is not OK.

$4 trillion divided among 200 million Americans = $20,000 for each American. 'Powerball jackpot 2016' of $1.3 billion is poverty compared to $4 Trillion offered by American companies.

Since July 2015, global markets have fallen -20% or by $15 Trillion. This means $15 Trillion cash is available worldwide.

1672 sites surfed in one day

On January 14, 2016, I had surfed 1672 sites with but no sales from my website or my affiliate links

25% of the sites shown there must be scams. was advertised there. Hundreds of Bitcoin supported sites were there.International police (interpol) must look into PTC industry. is a traffic exchange.  Surf 1 site. Get 1 visitor back to your website. It is a traffic exchange.

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