Killer whale kills woman trainer at the show


$250/acre land

Still, buying the reserve piece by piece is one of the strategies conservationists are using to save it from deforestation. One hectare goes for less than $500, and so far, García has bought more than 300. “He is not rich,” Vrsansky said of the conservationist, “But now he owns and protects his own harpy eagle, his own jaguar and more than 10,000 arthropod species. And sorry, I forgot, his own waterfall.”

Are vegetarians to blame for climate change?

Researchers find lettuce is 'three times worse than BACON' for emissions.  Many common vegetables like lettuce require more resources per calorie. The study also found that they produce higher greenhouse gas emissions Researchers say relationship between diet and environment is complex

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Putin's tiger kills 15 goats in China

Whale Crashes on Boat    Video

Killer Whale Drowns Trainer!   Video

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Adult killer whales must be released back into vast oceans.

yeah kinda seems cruel to stick them in a tank their entire lives.

Water tanks are too small for killer whales.

64 ranked richest man in poorest country

The son of a Yemeni father and Ethiopian mother, Al Amoudi boasts an estimated net worth of $10 billion. He is the richest  Ethiopian and, according to Forbes, the 64th richest man in the world. Forty-five years ago, he emigrated to Saudi Arabia and built his fortune in oil refineries and the booming construction industry.

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