U.S soldier gets $5000/month pension

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20 years in the military and now receive a pension of $58,500 per year.thats enlisted at E-8 ... is $4,875 a month ...you don't get shit unless you put in 20 years ... so who ever came up with 8,000 a month would be a full bird colonel, with 20 yrs .

New York policemen gets $10,000/month + pensions.

50% of American police officers are former US military personnels.

U.S soldiers working with U.S military must be getting $20/hour wages/salary

How do US military personnels and veterans get homeless in the first place ?

China must have an army of 12 million
to 50 million soldiers. USA must have an army of 3 million soldiers. and so on.....

to 5% of country's population must be military. Richest country "Kuwait" has 11,000 soldiers and 240 military planes.

ISIS has 120,000 fighters

Just when Obama said "ISIS has been contained", reports say ISIS has 60,000 fighters in Syria, 20,000 in Iraq and 40,000 in  other parts of the world.

Facebook and Twitter are helping ISIS/IS spread their messages and get new recruits.

Media/journalists will not go into Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Libya and Asia. ISIS, Taliban and Al-qaeda have 500,000 fighters now.

70 year old ISIS fighter.

See video timer at 1:52

25% to 50% ISIS fighters and taliban & Al-qaeda are 40 year men.

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