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                                News  Section   (NEWS = North East West South)    DOW Jones 12000 (2017)
     Large Plane catches man in mid-air  See video timer 1.46  

80 feet long giant snake killed by Lions

Bird with 14 feet wingspan flying next to small plane. See video

2)  More electricity you use, greater your potential savings (upto 80%)

     World tallest building will be solar powered

3)  Twitter and Facebook have become a threat to national security

4)   4000 war planes 8000 battle tanks 5000 military trucks tourist spot

5)   80 Kg wild pig beats 4 pitbull dogs video

6)   205 million Americans drink contaminated water

7)   221 million people left stock markets                  150 men fight video

      Wildlife crashing stock markets                 Man kills 32 camels  video
8)   75 million people in PTC industry

       Biggest tax breaks go to home based business owners in America

9)   Paypal has lost 57 million users

Paypal fees may touch 5%              

      Paypal can compete with 0.5% fee    best paypal alternatives

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  7 feet 3 inch African with $350 million But Africa is still poor

11)   Facebook bug that gave millions of private account details

12) Trump: You won't see black president for generation

13)  682 wagons 8 engines 7 kilometers long train. video

14)  Largest ships and biggest trucks  video
      458 meters ship sunk during Iran-Iraq war

15)  Woman who slaps big men

16)  1000 less billionaires by December 2017

17)  Insider information for Gold price

18)  95% websites get 200 hits daily

19)  Bad days are here for car industry ?          

20)  $250/acre land

21)  Curse has been put on Obama

22)  Eating beef more cruel than eating dog meat ?

23)  Hollywood gives energy to ISIS & terrorists

24) Buy a Lion for $50,000, release it into the wild

25) $4 Trillion will shut down how many companies?

     $357 million only for powerball winner 2016

     45 Uses For Lemons That You Will Benefit From
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       Year 2004, 9.4 Earthquake of Indonesia pushed up 1500 kilometers of land by 15 meters. Picture

       An undersea Earthquake pushing up 1000 kilometers of land will send 40 feet high tsunami. Video of tsunami

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